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Friday, 15 March 2013


1.     The Role of Capital Market in Economic Growth of Nigeria (1986 - 2010)
2.     The Impact of Fiscal Policy on the Real Sector of Nigerian Economy
3.     Promotion of Small-Scale Enterprises and their Contribution to Economic Growth of Nigeria (1986 - 2011)
4.     Privatisation Policy in Nigeria: An Overview (Case Study of PHCN and NITEL)
5.     Frauds Detection and Prevention: The case of Pension Accounts
6.    Performance Appraisal as a tool for employee Development
7.     Corporate Merger and Acquisition As A Tool For Banks Survival in the New Era of Banking Reform (Case Study of UBA)
8.     Debt Cancellation and Nigerian Capital Market: Its Relevance to Nigeria Economic Growth and Development
9.    The Role of Strategic Planning in Organisational Growth
10.                       Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
11.                        Stock Market Liquidity and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1970 2005)
12.                         The Role of Non-Oil Export in the Economic Growth of Nigeria (1986 - 2010)
13.                       Impact of Workers’ Remittance Inflow on Economic growth of Nigeria
14.                       Role of Staff Development in Organisational Growth
15.                       Tax Administration in the 21st century Nigeria: The critical challenges
16.                        Evaluation of Value Added Tax (VAT) as a source of Revenue Mobilisation in Nigeria
17.                       Labour-Management Relations in the Banking Industry (A case study of GTB)
18.                       An Examination of Employee participation in the private sector: Nigeria Case Studies
19.                       Effect of The N25 Billion Recapitalization on The Financial Performance of Nigerian Banks (Case Study of Zenith Bank Plc.)
20.                       Role of Development Financial Institutions in Financing Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria
21.                       The Effect of Export Earnings Fluctuation on Capital Formation in Nigeria
22.                        Impact of Trade Liberalization on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1986 - 2011)
23.                        Macroeconomic Effects of VAT in Nigeria
24.                       Impact of Real Exchange Rate on Nigeria's Exports (1970 - 2010)
25.                       The Impact of Government Policy on Macroeconomic Variables in Nigeria
26.                        Effects of the Global Economic Meltdown on The Nigerian Stock Market
27.                       Impact of External Debt Management on the Exchange Rate of Nigeria (1999 - 2011)
28.                       Role of Commercial Banks Financing in the Growth and Development of the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria
29.                       Effect of Industrial Conflict on Economic Growth of Nigeria
30.                       Productivity of the Nigerian Tax System: 1970-2004
31.                        Analysis of Commercial Banks Exposure to Exchange Rate Risk in Nigeria (Case Study of Diamond Bank Plc)
32.                       Impact of Government Expenditure on Standard of Living of People in Nigeria
33.                       The Development of Social Infrastrucure and Its Effects on Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of Electricity
34.                        Effect of Non-Bank Financial Institutions on Economic Growth of Nigeria (Case Study of Insurance sub-sector)
35.                        Appraisal of the Impact of the Cashless Economy Policy of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
36.                       Real Interest Rates and the Mobilization of Private Savings in Nigeria
37.                       Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Capital Formation in Nigeria: The Role of Informal Financial Sector
38.                       The Informal Financial Sector and Macroeconomic Adjustment in Nigeria
39.                       The effect of Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries on Demand for Money in Nigeria
40.                       Exchange Rate Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in Nigeria
41.                        The Effect of External Debt on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1980 - 2011)

42.                       The Real Exchange Rate and Nigeria’s Agricultural Exports
43.                       The Relationship between the Formal and Informal Sectors of the Financial Market in Nigeria
44.                        Financial System Regulation, Deregulation and Savings Mobilization in Nigeria
45.                       The Saving-Investment Process in Nigeria: An Empirical study of the Supply-Side
46.                       Growth and Foreign Debt: The Nigerian Experience
47.                        Role of Commercial Banks in Financing Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Nigeria (1986-2011)
48.                       Revenue Productivity Implications of Tax Reform in Nigeria
49.                       Impact of Inflation on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1981 - 2010)
50.                       The Foreign Exchange Market and the Dutch Auction System in Nigeria
51.                       Exchange Rate Depreciation and the Structure of Sectoral Prices in Nigeria under an alternative Pricing Regime
52.                       Indirect Monetary Control in Nigeria, Problem and Prospects
53.                       The CBN as a catalyst to National Economic policy and Development (1980 - 2009)
54.                       Nigeria: Towards an Optimal Macroeconomic Management of Public Fund
55.                        The Parallel Foreign Exchange Markets and Macroeconomic Performance in Nigeria
56.                       Productivity, Market Structure and Trade Liberalization in Nigeria
57.                       Structural Adjustment, Poverty and Economic Growth: An analysis for Nigeria
58.                       An Analysis of the Implementation and Stability of Nigerian Agricultural Policies
59.                        Capital Flight and External Debt in Nigeria
60.                       Exchange Rate Depreciation, Budget Deficit and Inflation: The Nigerian Experience
61.                       Nigeria: The Burden of Debt Service payments Under Structural Adjustment
62.                       Short-run Macroeconomic Effects of Bank Lending Rates in Nigeria
63.                       Impact of Interest Rate Deregulation on Industrial Performance in Nigeria
64.                        An Appraisal of Taxation as a Viable Tool for Economic Development in Nigeria
65.                       The Efficiency of Education Expenditure in Nigeria 
66.                       Export-Led Growth in Public Sector Dominated Economy: A Macroeconomic Model of Nigeria
67.                       Role of Strategic Decision Making Process in an Organisation (A Case Study of Cocola Company)
68.                        Determinants of Capital Structure and Its Effect on Firms' Performance (Case Study of Selected Nigerian Companies)

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